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one day, multiple women were taken to a new world from different planets and universes. in that new world, only women had appeared. they tried to return to their places of origin, but they didn't succeed. a couple of months later, one of them discovers that with the help of a 28 year old virgin man, they will be able to return to their worlds.
So she'll find you and ask for help. Will you be willing to help her?


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Mega Windows
Mega 1 archive


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what anime is valeska from

The game is good, but it would be better with some audio. Even if it's a little background music.

Intereste but can i lewd them?

the main goal is to make love with at least 10 of them. i'll just say that many of them already have their dose of love.

yes  renpy game

Ey man is this a renpy game?? Pls answer thanks

Now this is porn logic at its finest. Really whack thought processes this world has, even with the narrator tuning in here and there (perhaps a little bit too much for my liking). All in all well done so far!

Now I do have some feedback to the animations. Unfortunately, I am affraid this is also what is gonna end up making the game take up much more space.

-Many of the early to mid H-scenes seam to lack a few frames in the animation loops, as to make it look smooth. As of now the experience end up being that the scene instead looks rather laggy, which sort of ruins it a bit. The H-scenes scenes on the beach and onwards however looked much more smooth, so credit where it is due.

-All the H-scenes end sort of abruptly with no clean transition between hard-fucking and cumming. Sort of takes away the immersion, not seing the cum being pumped up/in/out, but instead  just having seen someone now with yuor cum

Finally right now the characters don't really get their own frames to show change of mood throughout the story. This make them feel a little less real real or meaningful. 

So all in all, I guess I am technically just asking more more in a sense. Once again thank you guys for this game

How big is the game size is?

he is not as big as Diane. but not as small as Elaine either

the game size is to big 

I hope you enjoy it

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I tried using the Mega from the new archive. My issue is that when the download reaches 1 GB out of the 1,67 GB the site shuts down automatically. Perhaps cause The website is only interested in having people download that much..

Same with the other Mega - That is if you try to download them all at once (this includes using the "Download as ZIP" function when having selected only a few of the parts). 

What worked for me was selecting a few of them and then instead of clicking "Download as ZIP" up in the right corner, I right-clicked --> Download --> Standard download

This should make you able to download them all (I did with 3 at a time)

I hope this comment help you guys

nope still nothing 

go to discord. There you will find the links. if not, we will see how to solve your problem

the discord linked worked just fyi idk why nothing else did 

I hope you were able to download it


no matter what i do i cant open the game 

did you make sure to download all the parts?
due to my internet connection, I have to upload it in parts. but the game is not broken.  

i did and it wont unpack 

test with the new archive